Saturday, March 27, 2010

03.27.2010 -- Happy Little Dude

My sister told me I needed to record Gabe saying "happy," and I did.

Lucy had her first soccer game of the "season" this morning. Season is in quotes like that because it's so short. She really likes soccer, and has made progress: last Fall she started out as the token shy, frightened girl on the team. Today she didn't hesitate. She even scored a goal (in the wrong net)! Ah memories. I did that once. (I was a teensy bit older than 4.)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

03.11.2010 -- Happy, Floorplan

Gabe is not a big talker. He communicates effectively using props and a few essential words. For example, one of our low drawers is filled with unbreakables like cups and tupperware. When Gabe wants a drink, he gets a cup from the drawer and puts it in my hands, then looks at me imploringly and says, "Na?" "Na" means drink.

He is getting better at saying "sister." "Hi" and "Daddy" are his best words. "Mommy" comes out of his mouth less often but is very clear as well. Other words he uses include "up" and "doggy." Today, Gabe added to his repertoire: His new word? "Happy." He says it very distinctly. So fitting for our smiling boy.

This is a house. (Floorplan.)

Monday, March 1, 2010

03.01.2010 -- Teeth

Lucy's second visit to the dentist went as well as the first. The difference? Gabe helped himself to a toothbrush from a bottom-shelf basket while I wasn't looking, and X-rays. Not exactly sure why the x-rays were necessary, (maybe the dentist was short for his mortgage this month) but I like the pictures. See the new teeth coming up? I can't believe that Lucy is knocking on the door of the gigantic, awkward teeth of a grade-schooler.