Sunday, May 10, 2015

05.10.2015 -- Mother, Mother!

It's mother's day.
I got spoiled.

Lots of love and lots of presents. My daughter alone made me five handmade gifts! Beautiful things that I now get to find a place to show off. My husband got me a new laptop. (Sigh, gush, swoon.) Our other laptop (a most generous and unexpected gift from a favorite person of mine) died a sad death when it was dropped to our tile floor. Such a tragedy. Charlie got me pretzels and a monster church out of paper. (It's as cool as it sounds.) Gabe made me a jar of goodies with gum and gummy bears and money and pictures of some of the people I love and a very cool art piece made of paper.

Breakfast in bed.
Hugs and kisses.

Being a mother is pretty amazing. Pages and pages and pages have been written about being a mother. Truth be told, there could be a lot more written if mothers weren't so busy doing their mom thing. I'm not going to change the world by writing more about it, but it's Mother's Day, so I'll indulge myself.

What I love about being a mother:

The beautiful people. Seriously. My kids are the most beautiful people in the world. They have the best hearts, the best minds, the best bodies, the best smiles... Ever. Of course, all moms should feel this way about their children. It's the way things work. It's how we survive. I do not believe they're perfect, but I try to love them like they are, and I hope they'll return the favor.

The partnership. I love being able to look over at Brian when one of our kids does something awesome to share a smile. It's a mutual admiration society.

The education. Think back to all of the teachers who have talked about what education means. Now... recall (please) the part where they explain that the word educate or closely related to educere, which means to bring out or lead out. Being  mother has certainly done that for me. I feel like I have an insight into men that I never could have gotten without having a son (sons, in my case). Having these beautiful people around is motivation for me to do all things good. And to do all things well.

The insight. Marriage is one doorway into a whole new place, and parenthood is another. For me, being a mother more than doubled what I could see of the world. Figuratively speaking. It was like putting on 3D glasses in a 3D movie that I hadn't even realized could be more than 2 dimensional.
Get me? Good.

Relative to my Utah peers, I came a little late to the motherhood game.
I'm so glad I came!