Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10.01.2013 -- Bent Twigs, Inclined Trees

image (and tree) courtesy of George Stapleford
There's a saying that goes like this, "As the twig is bent, so is the tree inclined."  It has me thinking.

Maybe I get over-anxious about child rearing, but I just can't help imagining all of these little twigs as full grown trees.

Our dog, Zoey, is fourteen years old now, and so I have a glimpse of how cute or tolerable childish (or puppy) behavior can become problematic in an older dog (or child).  We used to let Zoey sit on my lap when we went places in the car with her when she was a puppy.  Have you seen Weimaraner puppies?

 Image by Androlitate Weimaraners

Anyway.  It was great/tolerable when she was a puppy, but it became annoying and dangerous when she grew up.  (Picture a 55 lb. hound on the lap of yours truly.)  She's too old now to jockey for position in the car, really, but we know where she thinks she belongs.

Where was I?  Twigs?  Trees? Children?

Lucy is going to be a very strong person when she grows up, I think.

That's my awesome parent way of saying that I had a power struggle with her this morning.  I want to say I won, but I'm trying not to think in those terms.  After all, when I tell Lucy that she needs to be able to humble herself sometimes to learn something, I've got to give her more to go on than hot air.   I'm not even sure she knows what being humble means.

We had the best surprise this weekend.  My cousin Jacques came to see us.  We get to see him every once in a while, but never before at our house.  He was so much fun.  I sometimes forget how awesome he is with kids--he's single for a little while longer--but it took no time at all for the kids to warm up to him again.

Because we have a strong connection with extended family, we often want to call relatives who are technically cousins, "aunts" or "uncles."  Lucy solved this with my cousin Becca and her husband, Jameson, by coining the terms, "Cuncle" and "Caunt."  It's sort of odd, but it IS less syllables than cousin/uncle or cousin/aunt...

Jacques killing it in Sorry!

Good times, y'all.  Good times!