Thursday, January 10, 2013

12.27.2012 -- Happiness!

This year at our post Christmas reunion, we were missing some people we love, but we also got to have Kate join us for the first time!  Such fun!

01.10.2013 -- Recovery

I'm now married to a 40 year old!  He's great and kind and funny and fabulous and... you get the idea.  For his birthday, I threw together a surprise party at the last second.  It never would've happened without help from our buddy, Ken.   Ken and I got Brian to the Flowrider in Provo on the night of his birthday before he suspected a thing.  We rented the Flowrider for an hour, then went to dinner, all with a bunch of people we love.   We had so much fun!  (If I forgot to invite you, please forgive me--if you couldn't make it, we missed you!)

This is NOT what we looked like.

Lots more of these kinds of moves. (Especially me.)

To be honest, though, this experience with the flowrider was pretty good, considering the last time we went (Brian's 35th?), I never even stood up.  I didn't get to the point where I was relaxed on the board, but at least I could stand up on my own!  Maybe in 5 years, on our third try, I will be shredding.
After Christmas vacation and Brian's birthday, I was scrambling to get caught up on the house, the laundry and putting Christmas away.  This despite a LOT of help from Brian.  ...I had my hands full with Charlie, who is not an easy teether.  Charlie's comfort objects are attached to me, so he wants to be held all the time.  His temperament is interesting.  Very different from Lucy and Gabe.  The longer Charlie goes without the comfort and attention that he wants, the longer he is upset, even while getting what he wants.  Last night it took us an hour to work out getting a drink of water and getting back to bed.  It turned out that Charlie wanted the light turned on, wanted a specific cup (Snoopy), and he needed about 20 minutes of support until he calmed down enough for him to get over the fact that I didn't turn the light on in the first place.  By the time I got him back into bed, he had at least stopped screaming and crying, but I spent another 20 minutes holding books up for him in the moonlight while he closed his eyes.  This at 2 in the morning.

Did I mention that he has the flu?

Lucy just went back to school today after taking 6 days off to go through the flu.  The kids and I have been hermits for the past week.  It has actually been nice.  Because they've been sick, they have watched way too much television and I have been getting a lot done.  I'm caught up on laundry and housework.  Christmas is all put away.  I'm even taking a minute to blog.

Even though it's been rough dealing with the flu, it has actually been great having Lucy home and not having to shuttle everybody to lessons.  I find myself feeling grateful for the recovery time.  In my experience, the value in having even a somewhat orderly home is hard to overestimate.

Recovery by New Buffalo
(This is the song only, no cool video.)