Sunday, May 27, 2012

05.27.2012 -- New Leaves

A funny thing happened last night while I was hanging out with Charlie. He has been needing a lot of comfort lately to deal with teething pain. So... I end up holding him a lot, quietly looking at all the housework I have to do. Last night as I held Charlie, I ended up looking at my sister's Facebook pictures. I came across an image I hadn't seen for a long time (of Lucy and her cousin, Cameron) and clicked on it in order to comment. There was one other comment for that picture. Made by me. On May 26th, 2011. Exactly one year earlier. I had written "Awwwww."
Just what i had been thinking to comment. Pretty strange, huh?

It got me thinking about Change and Stasis.

More specifically, about how I have changed and not changed in the past year. I was able to think of a couple of things:

I have made progress in the yard and lost progress inside our home. Last year, we were much further behind in the yard. Now, it's easier to spend time outside because the boys' energy mostly translates straight to chaos when we're inside. The minute we step outside, they calm down. Besides being a little more calm, their natural inclination to hit and throw things has a much lower cost outside.

We aren't quite to the stage where I can turn them loose together alone outside, so the only multitasking I can really do these days is yard work and managing the boys outside.

Lucy can now read by herself and to her brothers, which opens our world to new options for reading time.

I am chasing Charlie this year instead of Gabe. Gabe is mostly old and wise enough to keep himself out of foreseeable danger. Charlie isn't, but he is getting better. The last time we went to a park, I only did one rescue, and that was to help Gabe come down from a spot he was uncomfortable in. Charlie handles himself pretty well on a playground these days.

I got new glasses (which I actually don't mind wearing). This morning I didn't wear them when we went to
church and I felt old and decrepit when I realized I'd been squinting and really couldn't see well at all.

Something else that's new: This week, I decided to try sitting inside the chapel at church again instead of in the foyer. (That's right, I decided--Brian gave me a little look that told me he thought I was a nuts, but he supported me.)
See, I had gotten a tip from a friend that had given me hope: dry erase crayons.

I spent some energy yesterday getting a bag ready with my new arsenal of weapons in my fight against loud, restless children, I had a talk with the kids before we left for church, and BEHOLD... 90% success!

It was really nice to be inside the chapel. Really nice. not exactly really easy, but good. It wouldn't have happened if I hadn't have had a conversation with my new neighbor, Amy. It's because of her that we are turning over this new leaf: sitting inside the chapel together as a family (again).

I also have Amy to thank for a couple of other new changes that I'm making. Hint: If the plan goes as planned, I should be posting here a lot more often, AND I will be seeing a little less of the grocery store and a little more of my garden.

Sometimes we just need a little kick in the pants.