Saturday, November 29, 2008

11.29.2008 -- Whole New World

After a fine Thanksgiving (would've been better if Lucy had been 100%), Brian and I went to the hospital at about 8 pm to be checked in. They confirmed that my water had broken, so we settled in with hopes that I would go into active labor myself.

Within a couple of hours, things were moving--great news because I didn't want to have to have pitocin. Things went much faster than the first time, and although I wouldn't call it fun, it was 1000% worth it: our son arrived with no intervention or complications just after 5:30 am yesterday morning. He weighs 6 lbs. 6 oz. and measures 20 inches long.

These past few months, Lucy has been our little Magic 8 Ball.

"Lucy, are you going to have a brother or a sister?" To this question, I remember her giving varying answers, but some family members remember her distinctly predicting her brother, not a sister.

About a week ago, I asked Lucy what color of hair her brother would have. "Red," she said--then, "Blond, like mine." Well, guess what?

Our baby boy is a redhead today, but we're betting he'll go blond. Just like Lucy.

He is so sweet.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

11.27.2008 -- In the Meantime, Part II

I'm pretty sure my water broke this morning at about 8 am. I went for a little walk later and was even more sure. Because I have already DONE the whole stuck in the hospital thing (my water broke in the hospital when I went into labor with Lucy), I've been trying something different: keeping cool and collected at home. This is easier than it sounds. See, while I have been having some contractions, I am in no pain at all:ie, not in active labor. This is night and day different than laboring for Lucy except for one thing: With Lucy, all of my active labor happened at night. Of course, I have no idea if I'm actually progressing towards birth, but as long a things are this mellow, I'm hanging out here at home.

We took Lucy into KidsCare this morning to rule out strep throat and meningitis. Poor girl is still sick. After the okay from the pediatrician to go home, Brian had the fab idea of getting movies to veg out today. We've already watched (and fallen asleep to) The Princess Bride.

Dinner for today is at 4 pm at Grandma Judy's. Who knows what will happen there? I'm going to let Brian make the call, as it's his side of the family who might get Lucy's bug if we attend.

Right now, it's just after 2 in the afternoon. I woke up this morning at about 3 am with labor pains. I was ecstatic. I told no one. I went back to sleep on and off at about 6 after doing some housekeeping and drinking OJ to do a kick count. Kick count: fine. This early morning business was actually convenient, as Lucy ended up in our bed because she's been hurting. I ended up lying in bed, rubbing her belly, back, hip, or legs as she instructed me. It was good because it gave me something to do besides focus on contractions--although I admit I've been worried about Lucy. I hate to see her sick. Thought we were out of the woods when she made it 27 hours with no vomiting, then she lost it on our bed after the outing to the doctor and the Movie Rental place.


She and Brian are still asleep.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

11.25.2008 -- In the Meantime...

Best. mattress. ever.


Is there anything harder to wait out than the birth of a baby? This is why there are so many scheduled inductions and c-sections and the like. It's killer. I know that I haven't even made it to the due date. I shouldn't complain. With no complications and no real discomfort, even--I'm just being an impatient ninny. It doesn't help things that I really thought that he would come early, somehow--that I've been thinking for weeks, "any day now, baby boy..."

All of this waiting has given me a lot of time to think and theorize. Here are some of my (mostly baseless) ideas about childbirth:

(Note: I have my own preferences (avoid c-sections and interventions unless necessary), but this does not mean that I think people with other preferences are not completely justified in their own.)

1) In addition to (or maybe previous to) the physical changes that happen before a baby comes (without help), I sort of think that there has to be a sea-change in the mother, too. Maybe some women are already in-line with this mental/emotional state and so they don't notice any change... I guess I've heard a lot of stories where women either decided that they'd had enough of the discomforts of pregnancy, enough of the waiting...and this decision--being fed up--is the catalyst for active labor in one way or the other. The other, even more unfounded part of my theory is that the mother lets go of the situation enough to allow labor to start. In my mind, they amount to the same thing... For some women, maybe it's fear that keeps them from going into labor, others may have control issues. To me, it makes sense, but I'm going to go ahead and point out again that I was the first one to say that my theories have no real basis of which I'm aware.

2) With all that focus on the mother, you may think that I have ideas of the child not having much to do with when he or she is born. Well, I happen to think that he or she does have something to do with it. For instance, I have tried to talk baby boy out of my womb a good dozen times, at least. These one-sided conversations usually go something like this:

Me: You know, you can come out any time you want... I understand if you don't want to, but there is a lot out here that I think you'd like. I could show you the mountains, and your dog... You can watch the fish in their bowl... You'll like it when your daddy holds you. I'll keep you nice and warm and rub your back for you...

Baby boy: No response.

Maybe I should read "Getting to Yes" before I try it again with him. I'm sure my technique has a hundred different flaws.

Impatience isn't always my primary feeling about all of this waiting. I've had some success with a calmer approach. Some days, I'm pretty good at "enjoying where we are." When I spend more time focusing on projects that either need to be done or projects that I just randomly adopt, it's a lot easier. Lots gets accomplished that way, it turns out.

Some pretty major projects have been completed to kill the time. To name a few: organizing the basement storage areas, finishing a quilt, painting a bank of doors that has gone unfinished for about 15 months, mulching our yard, setting up a compost area in the yard, refining baby boy's room (relatively speaking), purging of lots of things I don't love or need, cleaning and organizing the garage, lots of housekeeping, acquisition of long-sought pieces of furniture...

My next appointment with the doctor is tomorrow morning. Today? I might get a little more progress on one of my projects. Lucy has the stomach flu, so we have a little more puke and sleep in the house than we're used to. It's hard to see her sick. On the other hand, it's a luxury to get to hold her so much and to feel no pressure to keep her awake during the day.

Lucy and I picked out a little dance leotard/tutu ensemble a few weeks ago at a local shop...a complete impulse buy. Lucy has LOVED the outfit and wears it with an appropriately disproportionate frequency, which is to say not every day, but nearly. ...She puts on the outfit and asks me to put on ballerina music for her. Her stage is the area between our fireplace and the back windows. This allows her to admire her own exquisiteness.

A week ago, Lucy was pretty insistent in asking to wear her dance outfit. I kept telling her that she might get to wear it later (but not now). I just didn't want to deal with the dressing and undressing, as I had projects to get completed... Anyway. While I was doing dishes, Lucy gathered up three of the nearest stools and made herself a nice little tower so she could reach her dance outfit (hanging above the laundry sink).

I only became aware of this when I heard a thump and Lucy whimpered. I don't know how far she fell, but she wasn't hurt. Check the joy and pride on her face in this picture of her holding her prize. I love this girl. (She likes to stick out her bum in pictures.)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

11.13.2008 -- Tuesday Photos

Lucy would not smile for me when I took her outside to take pictures in these leaves. However...

When she got inside and sat with her Aunt Monica... she was all smiles.

Finished my first quilt ever Tuesday night! Technically, I'm not sure if I can take credit for it, as I only pieced it and finished the edge. My friend Cris did the quilting for me on her fancy-schmancy quilter. I'm very happy with it. Lucy is pretty sure Baby Boy will like it, too.

Monday, November 10, 2008

11.10.2008 -- Waiting

Brian and Lucy

Lucy decided at the last minute to be Cinderella instead of a bear. This was taken at her pre-school Halloween day.

E-mail me if you are dying for details about lying awake at all hours wondering if we will meet Baby Boy sooner or later, or if you're interested in the nitty gritty of round ligament discomfort or if you want to know all about my homebound wanderlust.


This weekend, while Brian was riding his bike in Moab with friends, Lucy and I got to go see two of her cousins playing volleyball in the state competition. My photography leaves a lot to be desired, but here are photos of them playing:

a Mariah Katoa kill about to happen

Mariah (hamming it up for the camera)

Nicole Katoa getting ready to slam it down

Nicole with a birthday ribbon on her head (cropped from a group photo)

Yes, they're amazing athletes--and fantastic in so many other ways, too. I love my nieces and nephews!

Friday, November 7, 2008

11.07.2008 -- Pre-School Politics

Me: Lucy you're so smart. You know everything, don't you?
Lucy: Actually, Isabella knows everything, and they say I'm tiny. Mom, am I big?
Me: Yes, you're big. Does it hurt your feelings when they say that?
Lucy: Yes. But I tell them "No." Can I tell them "No," Mom?
Me: Yes. You could also tell them, "Please don't say that, it hurts my feelings."
Lucy: But I can't say that--only moms.