Thursday, July 8, 2010

07.08.2010 -- Showing Up

Since showing up is 50% completion in my book, I am making a special effort to show up on my poor neglected blog.

A friend texted me recently and said something like this, "you've been MIA on your blog... that means one thing!" She was right.

I'm due January 4th.

Woot. :)
I went back to look at blogs written when I was expecting Gabe and discovered that when I was at the same stage, I didn't have much to say about my state. That was a little disappointing. I'm pretty sure I didn't focus on that for a good reason, I'm just a little disappointed.

For the record: at 14 weeks, I have gained 10 lbs and don't feel too bad, just "puffy" and nausea/heartburn afflicted. I get tired, but mostly from herding Lucy and Gabe (whom I adore).

Since I posted last, the biggest event around here has been a (drum roll) WEDDING! My very own sister got married at our very own house. It and a little stressful--ann experience I wouldn't trade. :)