Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fast People

Tonight during one of the five minute stretches of my Yin Yoga class, it struck me that there are some very fast people in this world. I seem to know a few of them. It struck me that these people who do things so quickly and efficiently must get a lot more done than us slow ones... And it made me wonder who, ultimately, was more satisfied...

Me--I have no problem holding a stretch for a few minutes... But I've worked into that. It used to be less easily enjoyable. I wondered tonight if it would drive some of my fast friends crazy, doing 8 or so stretches during one 70 minute class.

Yep, pretty sure it would.

Well, I'm trying to learn from my fast friends. I'm trying to learn speed and decisiveness. Like Paulie Zink. Apparently, he founded Yin Yoga, but he moves pretty fast. Enjoy!

05.25.2010 -- Little Cooking Writer Pants

Lucy is certainly growing up. Her latest accomplishments are bit of autonomous cooking, and a taste for writing longish notes (composed and written by her, spelled by me). Here's an example:

See, she wanted Kelli Jo and Zoey to know that AS SOON AS they could play, they could come right in.

Later on in the day, when it was time to clean up, Lucy adopted the deck and organized it herself. She did a good job. After she tidied it up, she prepared it for friends. (It's hard to see, but she has made a name tag for the back of a chair. She made four.)

Dinner was the last project of the day for me (before Daddy got home), so, as often happens, it hadn't even taken shape when he got home. He went right to work on the yard. I offered to start dinner but we didn't come to any consensus, so I continued with the laundry. Lucy came in and told me that she would make dinner (Gabe had fallen asleep just recently). Our four-year-old making dinner? I was intrigued, so I encouraged her. About 5 - 10 minutes later, Lucy came in and told me that dinner was ready. I walked in to the kitchen to find three bowls of "cheesy rice" on the kitchen table, complete with a fork for each.

Lucy and I sat down to our deliciously melty cheesy rice and brought Daddy's outside.

Lucy now feels confident preparing chocolate milk, Kraft Easy Mac (n' cheese), peanut butter and honey (or jam) sandwiches, microwave oatmeal, cheesy rice (with precooked rice), thai noodle soup, and cold cereal. She's more interested in letters than numbers, so to get her using numbers more, I've encouraged her to dial up loved ones on the phone and use the microwave to cook (of course, only when I know she's using it).


Sometimes Lucy says funny things to Gabe. Like today, she said, "Gabe, what on earth are you babbling about?" Or later today, she stated that she "needed some alone time." Gabe sometimes pulls Lucy's hair and takes her things. But there is a good deal of time when these two enjoy each other.