Tuesday, December 24, 2013

12.24.2013 - The Eve

The table got cleared off yesterday and we ate a meal there, only to be piled again this morning with groceries from this morning's last (I hope) run to the store.

Christmas cards have been sent. Neighbor gifts have been distributed.  Loads of wrapping to do. I may not sleep tonight. (Looking forward to it!)

Happy Christmas Eve, all!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

12.12.2013 -- Dun Dun Dun...

Life around here is getting downright exciting!

Will my kitchen table ever again serve as anything other than a (messy) Christmas staging area?
Will I address and send all of the Christmas cards I have before the 25th?
Will Lucy practice her violin again before performing with the local Suzuki Strings group?
Will any of my children make it to school this week?
Will Gabe ever go to preschool again?
Will my children discover my Christmas gift hiding spots this year?
Will I ever again get to go to my adult gymnastics class to learn the art of artfully flinging my middle-aged body upside down and rightside up again?

Stay tuned for the dénouement, resolution, or... catastrophe!

Who has the "perfect" tree now?!
(About ten years ago, my sister's tree
was decorated by her four young boys.
Mine was decorated by me.  The tables
have turned, my friends, they have turned.)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

12.10.2013 -- Looking Back...

Notable Tayler Family events
(and exclamation marks) for 2013:

  • January: Brian turns 40.  Successful surprise Utah surf party!
January: Gabe and Lucy in the snow.

  • February: Brian and Val both involved in car accidents within 36 hours.  (Winning!)

  • March: Gabe starts his first ever soccer season. (Dreams do come true!)
March: Zen and the art of learning to ride.

  • April: Charlie wraps cars in towels, calls them “babies.” Maximum cuteness.
    March: Charlie checking out the train museum.

  • May: Brian manages 544 weeks of employment as a professional Estimator/Project Manager!  (Estimated.) 
May: Charlie's first train ride.
    May: Lucy and Gabe hike the big hill at the park.

  • June: Celebrate 15 years of (almost) constant marital bliss!  Gabe puts first toad on head, also has first stitches in head (unrelated).

June: Gabe on his way to our friends' moustache party.

  • July: Val slalom skis.  (Not since 1993ish!)  Val also learns that tiny orange newts are babies.  (Efts.)
July: Waiting on Maddox fried chicken.
  • August: Month of weddings and lots of swimming at local pool. All kids do divingboard!

August: Lucy's work.

  • September: Charlie comes home from Lake Powell with an agenda.  Potty trains himself!
September: Southern Utah.

September: Lucy and Gabe tubing at Lake Powell.

  • October: Miss Kansas 2013 (in fatigues), Firefighter and SuperWhy.  Lucy gets baptized!

  • November: Gabe’s 5th birthday falls on Thanksgiving AND Hannukah!  Solar System Cake.  (Dreams do come true: Part II)
November: Lucy with cousin Eliza at Eliza's signing party.

  • December: Lucy has 4 violin concerts!  Plays Jolly Old St. Nicolas & Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
December:  Charlie loves to build towers.  Built this with his momma.