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Things to BLOG about in no particular order

shopping with Gabe
Charlie's Birthday
point system and fish
Gabe's girlfriend
Valentine's day
Thomas the Train

02.21.2012 -- Excuses

Charlie chillin' with Unka HAP


Pajama Buddies

RIP "Orange Coral"

It occurred to me the other day why I have been having such a hard time posting here: Charlie.

More specifically, Charlie feels the need to type while I am typing. Or, if he is not commandeering the keyboard, he is turning off the computer. And when he is sleeping, I often find myself doing other things.  Kids can really get in the way of blogging, see?  That realization helped me to understand that I am going to have to recommit to finding my way here more often when he is sleeping.

As I sit here, typing, it's a little hard to concentrate. I am thinking of all of the things I would like to get done today. The smell of my shirt is hard to ignore. I have been wearing it only about three hours, but it has already taken on the smells of.... sick children.  :[

My sister surprised me this morning as I was finishing making my bed. I was chatting away with her on the phone while I tucked in the sheets and put the pillowcases on the pillows. I was explaining Lucy's change of schedule to her, vaguely aware of Gabe trying to get my attention. (In all honesty, I was blocking him out because he had been yelling a lot about not wanting to blow his nose.) All of a sudden, my sister walked in the room as I talked to her on the phone and I realized that Gabe had been telling me "Aunt Monica is here! Aunt Monica is here!"

 I jumped.
I might have yelled a little bit.
We laughed. We.... didn't cry.

She took my 3 year old home with her for the day.

What a sister. Thanks, Monica!