Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First days of school 2012

 Lucy's "first day" of second grade.  One day late.

 Gabe's first day of Preschool.

What would he do without her?

09.11.2012 -- Fall, Falls, Will Fall

It's Fall. Lucy and Gabe have been in school for a week.  Yesterday, I felt like my world was falling apart.  I truly felt like I couldn't accomplish anything.  Of course, all I had to do was move the whole operation outside...  I can weed while I am outside, even if Charlie and Gabe are stuck in destruction mode.

Fortunately, today was less extreme.  Fewer things were thrown, spilled and broken, there was less hitting, shrieking, and the toddler was much cuddlier.

Back to School: Lucy is loving her teacher, as was predicted.  Mrs. Noyce must have the best reputation of any teacher anywhere!

So far I have heard mostly good things from Lucy about about school in general.  There are only a couple of stories that have had me wondering.  The first of these stories involves a fifth grade boy getting into a minor altercation with Lucy over a hula hoop.  I'm being vague because I can't really remember, and I didn't understand the story well in the first place.  I think Lucy said that a fifth grader boy thought she took his hoop then twisted her arm until it hurt (so she would give it to him) but them he found his hula hoop.  The other story came today when I asked Lucy what she had for lunch.  She was complaining about how hungry she was after school.  She told me that she only had watermelon and meat for lunch because the boy sitting next to her was so hungry that he took her egg roll (and something else) when she wasn't looking.  She tried to go back to get more lunch, she said, but they wouldn't give her any.

Who knows?

I can't wait to get into Lucy's classroom to volunteer/spy.  I love seeing the kids in their school environment.  It helps me understand so much!

Gabe seems like he is finally coming to terms with the scheduling of his preschool.  He would like to be at school early every day.  It is torture to us both for him to be made to wait five hours to go to school.  Since school yesterday, he has been singing the "Days of the Week" song.  (The tune goes with the Addams Family theme song.)  He has also been showing off his "spelling" skills.  Here is how Gabe spells book: "buh ooh ooh kuh."

We took Lucy to Gymnastics tonight a few hours after her violin lesson and finally had to leave when Charlie got too intent on joining the toddler class.  Gabe helped him climb onto the half wall and he sat there for a bit, then squirmed down and tried to get in the mix with the class of three-year-olds. There are Mommy and Me classes, but no solo classes for younger than three.

Tonight I was looking through invoices on my e-mail and that had me reconsidering these gymnastics classes.  For better or for worse, Lucy and Gabe both really enjoy their time at gymnastics though, and the tuition isn't quite putting us in the poor house, so I guess we will continue to pay the bills and ferry them back and forth.

 This is Dylan Ellsworth.  Google him.  Watch the videos.
He coaches the boys recreation class that Gabe is in.  Gabe loves it.

Lucy's teacher is a sweet young lady (how old am I, 90?) with a cheerleading background.  Lucy is in a pre-team class where she gets to spend two hours practicing twice a week.   I do sometimes question whether I should find a class for her that is less crowded (the class keeps getting bigger and bigger!) with a more experienced coach, BUT she is having fun and progressing.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

09.03.2012 -- Pow

Brian, Lucy, Gabe, Charlie and I got back from Lake Powell this afternoon.  Lake Powell is amazing and too fun for words.  The drive there and back with our three kids is also too... fun... for words.

Highlights include:

Charlie playing mostly with TicTacs and other colored candies (ChewySweetTarts) on the way down.  He emptied all of the TicTacs out over and over.  The SweetTarts, he emptied into a cup then fished out only orange ones to go into an empty TicTac container.  Then the sprinkled them all over the floor of the truck with gusto.

I really have to remind myself that, although we will never be without challenges while traveling, at least our current set will not last forever.  Charlie *hates* his car seat.

We are able to spend time with lots of wonderful people any time we go to Lake Powell, and this time was no exception.  We loved hanging out with the Henries and the Johnsons.  They had to leave earlier than us, so we spent our last night on the boat alone.  We slept under the starts and it was about as good as you would expect.  Beautiful, tranquil, clear skies, perfect September Arizona weather, no bugs...

Gabe woke up early crying out about Transformers.  He recounted his disturbing dream for me later that morning.  In his dream, I had a red Transformer toy for Gabe.  I kept trying to give it to Gabe, and he kept trying to tell me that he wanted a yellow one.  In the wee dawn hours, Brian comforted him by whispering, "you'll get a Transformer, Gabe..."  Oh Gabe.  He is big on appreciation these days, often telling me that I'm the best, or that he loves me--just out of the blue.

Lucy is a tubing queen.  She almost can't get enough of it.  I'm not sure she has been driven to her own satisfaction yet, though.  She always asks drivers to go faster and find more waves.  I got my first glimmer of boating in the future this past week, when Lucy took charge of the rope without being asked, and did it really well!

This is a picture of Antelope Canyon.  
Not a shabby place to swim for hours and jump off rocks into perfect water.