Monday, June 11, 2012

06.11.2012 -- Logical

The kids wanted to have a picnic today. I provided potstickers and watermelon, and Lucy set up a picnic space on our driveway. When asked why she set it up on the driveway, she explained that she wanted to use the small folding table that we store in our garage, and she didn't want to drag it far. While Charlie, Gabe and Lucy were eating, I watered some thirsty-looking plants with a hose. It wasn't long before Lucy and Gabe started yelling that Charlie was getting into the dog food. I guess Gabe wasn't sure if I heard. I didn't say anything, after all...

Gabe made his way to me and assured me that it would be okay.

"Just let him eat it, Mom. If he eats dog food, he will turn into a dog, and I want a puppy!"

Thursday, June 7, 2012

06.07.2012 -- Nutty

I have fallen in love again. This time, it's with coconut oil. I use it in cooking , in my bath, and as a moisturizer.

In other news, we have been doing swim lessons and playing a lot. Also, Charlie told me this morning "da doo." This means he loves me. He said it very clearly between kisses.

Good summer days!