Thursday, August 11, 2011


We are home from our kids and Mom trip to New Hampshire. What a time. So much fun! So nice to be home with Brian.

A self portrait

Daring (and resigned) chicken with determined boy


It was a really wonderful trip. I could write a book about it. It would be a very slow-paced book, but there is a market for slow paced books. (I know because I own some.) Highlights of the trip include:

Kids now swim like fish (Lucy without a lifejacket)
Made both blueberry cake and blueberry pie; shared with friends (family)
Outing to the Friendly Farm (with cousins!)
Mini Fair at Petiteborough
Lucy loves tubing (fast), Gabe likes tubing (sort of fast), Charlie likes riding in a boat
Lucy can kayak and canoe
Found 3 newts
Found 5 baby mice
Charlie started to crawl
Lucy lost another tooth
Gabe is now *really* potty trained, and can pee on trees
Ate ice cream at tea time at Toad Hall
Saw two frogs in the frog pond
Dinner and concert at Apple Hill
Sailing in Clown with Uncle Fred
Kids "drove" boats to hearts content
The thrill of fishing (check)



...we are all still safe and sane!

Now to complete preparations for the school year. There is some arranging left to be done. We came home to a surprise: Brian had painted and assembled Lucy's room! Both Lucy and Gabe now have their own rooms. I just have to find everything a home (some things will be moving to D.I/Goodwill) and go through clothes so I know what we're working with, then, well... Never a dull moment!